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A Young Wife's Tale


Hogarth Press

Cover Design by John Sutcliffe

It all began on the golden July day when the hairdresser's blew up in Santa Vilga, a Tuscan port where Julia an dMark Forster were on holiday. It was then that Julia first saw thelean and elegant Contessa Renata, and the Contessa first laid eyes on Mark.

Mark is an advertising consultant with ambitions to be a composer of electronic music, an art in which the Contessa professes a keen interest. She could undoubtedly make him into a celebrity, for she owns newspapers, a film studio and a recording company , and is the power behind a number of other thrones. But the Contessa is a hard task-master, exacting a twenty-four hour devotion from her proteges, and so Julia must go home to London alone.


What follows is a lively and sympathetic study of a lonely woman whose husband has been called abroad on business. However, this young wife's tale is by no means finished. There is more, much more to come...



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