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Grand Tour Today


Hogarth Press

Cover Design by Charles Mozley

How much has Europe changed in the past few years? How much of what we remember from visits some time ago, or from false brochures, is out of date? Mr Snasom set out on a special tour all round the continent to see what it is realy like today - what new strikes the eye, what has gone, what has come, how much of the old charm persists. Amsterdam, Albi, Bonn, Bordeaux, Corinth, Cenje and a hundred other places are viewed afresh in this up-to-date record of a novelist's personal espionage. 

The Grand Tour takes him from Holland through Belgium and Germany to Liechtenstein; to Austria and the Adriatic and Montenegro; Greece and a trip out to Lebanon; Sicily, Italy, Monaco, Spain and France. 




Equally brilliant in fiction and travel books...He is keenly responsive to sounds and smells as well as sights; his curiosity is omnivorous; and he is a dab hand at finding the unexpected happy phrase. 

Raymond Mortimer

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