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Hans Feet in Love


Hogarth Press

Cover Design by Bill Botten

Hans Feet, like most young men, has an eye for the girls. But he finds that not all are as permissive as they are painted, as he falls in with various women - a girl in a graveyard, a woman with a passion for crayfish, a lady in love with a cricket umpire, a Lebanese painter with curious designs on him, and others who seldom act the way he imagines they will. Women, in fact, are still up to all sorts of tricks of their own. And too often life itself contrives some ridiculous turn of events to trip him up. 

Mr. Sansom, writing at different levels of seriousness, creates a picture - true, touching, funny - of a man some of us might disapprove of but none of us would object, now and then, to changing places with. 


The book has all the qualities we expect from its author - wit, elegance, sensitiveness, fancy and extravagance…the episodes show an immense variety of mood and locale, with a fertility of consciousness to be expected in Mr Sansom.

Arthur Calder-Marshall

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