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Pleasures Strange and Simple


Hogarth Press

Cover Design by Lynton Lamb

This book - Mr Sansom's first collection of essays - also displays the astonishing range of his interests. He takes us on journeys ot Tunisia and Andorra, to Copenhagen, Positano and Seville, to a Riviera nudist colony, to Southend on the "Eagle", throught the railway tunnels outside King's Corss. He gives us some fascinating sidelights on the Fire Brigade and Soho, accounts of insects, jitterbugs and tight-rop walkers - to mention only a few of his topics. He has the calssic gifts of the essayist - ease, directness, point. 

The observation is acute, the writing superb, the point of view kindly and full of humour. 


Spectator Review


Very good indeed. An economical yet masterly command of language, catholicity of taste, penetrating wit. 

Daily Telegraph

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