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Demonstrates the almost uniform excellence of his work.


The Times

I am thankful for this vigorous book…the most spirited writer of his generation.

Raymond Mortimer

The Passionate North


Hogarth Press

Mr Sansom follows up his successful novel, The Body, with a volume whose setting is the North - the polar lands where the Lapps live, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the highlands and islands of Scotland. It is, as the authors says, about places as much as people; the colours, shapes, sounds, and smells of the North, town or countryside, have seldom been so poetically evoked in themselves or so masterfully used to enhance the human situation. Mr Sansom knows that there are as many variations of love as there are men and women who love one another. The linked episodes which make up his book present some of the innumerable variations on this theme - tragic, tragi-comical, romantic, harshly realistic. In them the plot is strong because passions have fired it; and each is dyed in the rich, strange colours of the place where it is enacted. 



A Wedding

The Girl on the Bus

The Death of Baldy

Nevermore Without End

To Greenland, To Greenland

Happy New Year

A World of Glass

Gliding Gulls and Going People

Time and Place

A Waning Moon

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