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Herald Tribune
Paris, 22nd April
William Sansom, 64, whose account of his experiences as an auxiliary London fireman during the German bomber blitz in 1940-41 began his career as a writer, died yesterday, his publishers announced.
Mr Sansom’s most recent book was a biography of Marcel Proust, “Proust and His World”, published in 1974. Anatole Broyard wrote in the New York Times:
“Mr Sansom would seem to be peculiarly suited for this task, for sensuous impressions and compulsive observation are the principal virtues of his own fiction and his rather better-known travel pieces.”
Mr Sansom, a prolific writer of short stories, also did novels, stories for children, song lyrics and light music.
His books include “The Cautious Heart”, “The Body”, “The Face of Innocence”, “The Loving Eye”. “Goodbye”. “Three”, “A Bed of Roses” and “A Touch of the Sun”.
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